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Popular Science


Cyber-stalking wildlife traders

New online tools aim to save endangered animals, but experts say there are no easy shortcuts

Who needs dirt and rain?

Aquaponic farming is catching on despite challenges

The American chestnut tree has a good shot at at making a comeback

Two sophisticated techniques could rescue the beloved American chestnut tree — but the riskier approach might work better


World’s largest space telescope completed

Webb will unveil cosmic wonders we’ve never seen before

Not just a dream

Space hibernation could make long-haul space travel cheaper and safer

Getting ready for a real-life "The Martian"

Interplanetary travel requires tackling the same problems Matt Damon did — only better


The noise mapper

A minority in many ways, Erica Walker is determined to find how urban noise affects human health

Behind the smoke: three things to know about e-cigarettes

Is vaping a safe way to stop smoking or a gateway the habit?Experts have different things to say

Our mother's exposure to BPA might lead us to binge as adults

A mouse study found brain changes related to satiety


Is there a way to move badly parked cars to free up spaces?


Your quick question, answered quickly

Storing data on DNA may not be practical, but it's possible—and it sure sounds cool

Researchers stored an operating system and a short movie on DNA

Robotic food delivery is rolling into the United States in February

Will the Starship bot be the future of takeout?