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A photo of Chinese liquor baijiu, taken by Will Ludwig at C&EN

What's baijiu, and where does its unique flavor come from?


Chemical & Engineering News

Scientists and spirit producers are learning more about the chemistry of the Chinese liquor

OSIRIS-REx, shown here as an artist impression, is one of the two ongoing asteroid sample-return missions

The tale of 2 asteroid sample-return missions

Chemical & Engineering News (Cover Story)

OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa2 are set to collect data that could reveal clues to the origins of life, as well as aid in planetary defense and resource mining

Drug companies routinely tweak their clinical trial designs in ways that seem designed to obtain opportune results. Very often, the FDA doesn’t mind.

A dioxane-eating bacterium, credit to Environ.Sci.Technol.Lett.

Persistent pollutant broken down by sludge bacteria



Chemical & Engineering News

Pilot demonstrations at sites contaminated with dioxane could happen as early as next year

Finding a match for bone marrow transplant is espeically hard for minority patients

When your medical treatment depends on your race


The Establishment

Why do minority patients have a much harder time finding a match for bone marrow transplants?

A quinoa field in Bolivia. Genome research may expand quinoa's growing areas and make it more accesible

The quinoa genome could help scientists get it out of the health food aisle


Popular Science

It's the first step to bringing the super grain to the masses

Total solar eclipse, photo from NASA

This Chinese telescope team is making a 7,000 mile journey to the eclipse


Astronomy Magazine

An optical telescope built by the Chinese researchers starts its journey to 2017’s Great American Solar Eclipse

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A photo of pills

Tweaking Drug Trial Design in the Hunt for the FDA’s Green Light


Undark Magazine